Top Ten Tuesday #6

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February 5: Top Ten Best Bookish Memories

1. Meeting Joanna Philbin (author of the Daughters series)
Gosh this was so great. I met her last year at the LA Times Festival of Books (which in itself was an amazing day) and we chatted for a little bit, she signed my book, gave me a hug and it was just totally awesome for me since she was the first author I had ever talked to or had sign one of my books. Needless to say I was starstruck.

2. The LA Times Festival of Books 2012
Last year it was great, I hadn’t gone in awhile so walking through all the stands and being surrounded by all the books was fun and just the atmosphere was enjoyable to be around.

3. Seeing Cornelia Funke read from one of her books
This, again, happened at the book festival and it was a surreal moment for me because I had read all of the Inkheart trilogy when I was younger so actually seeing her in person and hearing her read from one of her novels (in her awesome German accent!) was really cool!

4. Receiving my first book for review
This to me was so exciting because it meant that I had done it. Someone, somewhere had seen my blog and wanted ME to read their book and give a review. It made me feel extremely special (and still does!)

5. Going to the library as a child
Even today going to the library always excites me, but as a kid that was like my all time favorite thing to do. I would always check out as many books as I could, there was story time, puppets, a little play house where I could sit and read. It was wonderful

6. Volunteering at my local used bookstore
I actually volunteered there for the first time yesterday and it was so much fun! I’ve never had such a good time volunteering and all I did was sort, stack, and shelve books for a few hours. I guess being surrounded by the quietness and massive amounts of books just puts me at ease.

7. Being able to post continuously here on my blog
Getting my blog going was a lot of work and a lot of dedication to keep it going steady but I truly love it. I love being able to provide others with perhaps a helpful review or information about a book, and just spread the joy of reading.

8. Buying new books
This one pretty much speaks for itself and is continous, but I just love buying new books. It makes me whole day seem better

9. Being read to as a child
Also self explanatory but one of the best memories…ever

10. Reading
Reading in itself is a constant memory that I’m growing upon and adding to. I love re-exploring stories I’ve already read and finding that hidden gem of a book at the bottom of a one dollar bin. Reading is truly a wonderful experience that has affected my life since I was a child

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  1. those are some great bookish memories, thanks for sharing. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

  2. Great choices! I vaguely remember going to the library as a child! 🙂 Some good experiences. I used to check out the Babysitter's Club's Little Sister series while my sister got the actual Babysitter's Club books! 🙂

    Check out my TTT.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  3. Great memories, thanks for sharing! Author signings and review books are so much fun. It never gets old, right?!

  4. Ooh, volunteering at a used bookstore would be FUN. And I loved going to the library as a child, too. Great list!

  5. You must be a local girl! I go to the LA Times Festival every year (I'm out in the IE, though).

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