Bookshelf Tour!

Hey everyone!
So I finally decided to do a bookshelf tour (I’ve been asked to do it a couple of times on my Instagram and now I’ve finally gotten around to it!).
Anyways, it’s pretty long since I do take out each book and show you the cover. So if you have time to spare please check it out, it did take me a little while to complete this and let’s just say it was difficult wasn’t easy. But let me assure you that it was totally worth it and I really enjoyed making the video!
Couple of things to keep in mind: I am in no way trying to brag by posting this video. This is only to give you a better idea of what I have and have not read yet, and what might be coming up in reviews. Also, some people were genuinely curious about what books I had. And remember that the stickers on the spines of the books simply mean I have not read them yet!
So yeah check it out and let me know what you think 🙂
See you soon!

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