Series Review: Emma (Volume 1-7) by Kaoru Mori

Emma (Volume 1-7) by Kaoru Mori
Series: Emma
Published by CMX from 2006-2008 (Complete)
Genres: Love, Romance, Historical
Pages: Approx. 180-270 : Paperback edition
Source: Checked out from my local library
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An upstairs gentleman and a downstairs servant share a secret love. The saga begins. In Victorian England, a young girl named Emma is rescued from a life of destitution and raised to become a proper British maid. When she meets William, the eldest son of a wealthy family, their love seems destined. But in this world, even matters of the heart are ruled by class distinctions.


This is the second manga series by Kaoru Mori I’ve picked up and once again I’m glad I did! Her drawings are so unique and intricate that I just can’t stop staring at them. She doesn’t gloss over any details and puts as much delicacy into each page as she can (I can’t even imagine how long it must take her to draw all of that out!).

Emma was so good! I love tales of an upstairs/downstairs type romance in regency London (think Downton Abbey) so this was right up my alley. However, I found myself wishing that Emma would end up with a different character and was actually kind of disappointed when that didn’t happen. Though, I guess the whole point of the story would have gone caput at that point.

Either way I loved the story nonetheless. So many different twists and turns and just when you think things are going to work out, or not, something else comes along to sweep you away. It was really a thrilling tale. There are also apparently three other books after these, but those are just side stories of other characters, and since my library doesn’t carry them and I can’t find them for cheap online, I’ll have to hold off on reading those for now.

This series on it’s own though is so good and I definitely recommend picking this up!

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