Magic Hands by Jennifer Laurens

Magic Hands by Jennifer Laurens
Series: N/A
Published by Grove Creek Publishing on February 1, 2007
Genres: Love, Romance
Pages: 224 : Paperback edition
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Cort, the high school senior jock seems to have it all — except a summer job. When he lands one doing women’s nails, his eyes are opened to the catty, back-stabbing world of females. Girls he thought he knew and trusted turn out to shock and use him. He gets to know Rachel, an elusive girl the others gossip about, a girl with secrets. From her he learns there is more to life than weekend partying and social status, and one of the secrets she shares with him will change his life forever.

This is the third novel by Jennifer Laurens that I’ve read, and as usual I’m drawn in by her clear cut writing style. I love how she introduces her characters on the surface level as people that you may judge based on their looks or who they hang out with in school, but as the story progresses we see the characters are actually a lot more complex than they originally let on.

While this isn’t my favorite Jennifer Laurens novel, I still love the plot all the same! A guy working in a nail salon? It’s practically a feminists wet dream. Our main character Cort not only must battle what his friends think of him working at such a place, but also how to woo over one of the most mysterious girls in school.

I think why I didn’t like this one as much was because I felt the ending was extremely rushed and didn’t tie up a lot of sub plots that were going on throughout the story and had previously had emphasis placed on them. Nevertheless it’s still a great read and something fun that you can finish in a few days.

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  1. I haven’t read this author yet. Maybe I’ll check out her other novels. Which to you recommend? 🙂

    1. Start with Falling for Romeo (it’s really short and sweet) and then I’d say try Overprotected which is a little more serious but just as good! 🙂

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