The MacGregor Grooms by Nora Roberts

The MacGregor Grooms

Synopsis from Goodreads: The Matchmaking MacGregorIt worked with his granddaughters. Now Daniel MacGregor, powerful patriarch of the MacGregor clan, wants to see his three handsome and eligible—but stubbornly single—grandsons married. So he’s found just the women to tempt, tease and torture D.C., Duncan and Ian all the way to the altar!
And you can be sure that if Daniel MacGregor wants something, he will stop at nothing to get it! 

Number of pages: 368
My review: Gosh you know I just love a good Nora Roberts book. I flew through this in a day. The first series I read by her was the Bride Quartet series and I absolutely loved it. The MacGregors also rank really high up there for me.
It’s just such easy and quick reading, and the romance! Oh my! Can I just live in a Nora Roberts novel and have all these handsome men running around and being ready to sweep me off my feet?
This specific edition had three mini-stories in one. So the different stories delved into the romances of D.C., Duncan, and Ian. I loved all of them, but Ian was by far my favorite. He was that smart, handsome, bookish guy who really knows how to respect a girl and treat her the right way. D.C. and Duncan were both more…aggressive and forward with their actions. Fun to read about but I could never picture myself with them.
At first I didn’t think I would like the idea of the matchmaking grandfather, but it actually wasn’t as overpowering of a plot line as expected. He would just pop up every once and awhile and gradually guide a couple towards each other. Speaking of the MacGregor family members, I totally wish I could be apart of their family because it just sounds so fun, welcoming, and charming. Yay for Scottish men!
Sometimes I was confused by how everyone was related, but I think that was because I hadn’t started the series off with book one. I definitely want to go back and read the other books that are apart of this series. I just had to read this one for a feminist class I’ll be taking in college.
So, if you love romance, Nora Roberts, and extremely attractive and sexy men, then definitely pick this up! Also, I just love this cover. I think it’s so beautiful with the combination of colors.
See you soon!

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  1. I LOVED the Bride Quartet series and my favorites are always her “nerdy” type guys 🙂 so I'm sure my favorite will be Ian as well.

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