Propositions by Syrie James

Propositions by Syrie James
Series: The Harrison Duet #2
Published by Create Space on December 4, 2012
Genres: Love, Romance, the 90’s
Pages: 242 : Kindle edition
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When freelance advertising artist Kelli Ann Harrison agrees to oversee the final phase of construction on her brother’s glamorous Lake Tahoe house, she intends to make a holiday out of it: lend her brother a helping hand and at the same time enjoy the area’s winter sports. An unexpected encounter at a holiday mixer, however, leads to a job offer that throws Kelli’s plans into disarray. Grant Pembroke, founder of Pembroke Advertising, is in town to bid for the lucrative Cassera’s Casino account. Impressed by Kelli’s talent and artistic vision, Grant makes her a proposition that’s too exciting to refuse: team up with him to forge an ad campaign for the bid. Kelli is determined to keep things professional, but that won’t be easy, considering the high-voltage charge that sizzles between them from the start. With his creative ingenuity and broad-shouldered, dark-haired good looks, Grant makes it very difficult for Kelli to concentrate on her work ? especially when it becomes clear that his feelings for her go far beyond the workplace. They make a wonderful team. But Grant is as headstrong as he is talented, and at times the two of them clash. Can business and pleasure mix? If Kelli and Grant play their cards right, can a whirlwind love affair last forever?

Syrie James, you have blown me away once more. I could not have hoped for a better sequel in the Harrison duet. I wish there were more!

I read this on my Kindle, and simply flew through the story! I love the relationship between Kelli and Grant and how they sizzle and get along with each other. Each time I flipped the page I was hoping for more and more and Syrie James delivered such a wonderful love story.

From the wintry setting of Tahoe, to the fabulous ad agency jobs, I was pulled in by the characters and their actions. I wish it could have been much longer so I could enjoy their relationship even more! Or have more books in the series! Would it be too much if I asked for an epilogue (haha)?

Honestly, Syrie James never disappoints me with her writing and novels, and they are continually pieces of work that I get pulled in to and feel so deeply for the characters. I root for them from the get-go and want them to succeed because they sound and act like real people!

I cannot wait to pick up the next novel by Syrie James and add it to my growing collection of her books and I also continue to look forward to reading more of her writing!

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