Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles

Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles
Series: Wild Cards
Published by Walker Books for Young Readers on October 1, 2013
Genres: Love, Romance
Pages: 342 : Hardcover edition
Source: Purchased on Amazon
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After getting kicked out of boarding school, bad boy Derek Fitzpatrick has no choice but to live with his ditzy stepmother while his military dad is deployed. Things quickly go from bad to worse when he finds out she plans to move them back to her childhood home in Illinois. Derek’s counting the days before he can be on his own, and the last thing he needs is to get involved with someone else’s family drama.

Ashtyn Parker knows one thing for certain–people you care about leave without a backward glance. A football scholarship would finally give her the chance to leave. So she pours everything into winning a state championship, until her boyfriend and star quarterback betrays them all by joining their rival team. Ashtyn needs a new game plan, but it requires trusting Derek—someone she barely knows, someone born to break the rules. Is she willing to put her heart on the line to try and win it all?

Is it sad that I finished this in two hours? No it is not because Simone Elkeles is my all-time favorite author and I always fly through her novels!

Going back to Simone Elkeles’ writing is like going home; it’s familiar, it’s fun, and it has a ton of love packed into it. Derek and Ashtyn are the perfect yet not so perfect characters that you grow to love as you learn more and more about them as the story progresses which is just fantastic because it really shows the true extent of their growth and development.

The switching points of view is just genius and allows for further exploration into each character’s thoughts, almost to the point that as a reader, you seem to be drawn to them as you would to real live people.

Per usual, I loved all the angst and sparring between the two characters that leads to a tumultuous consequences and it’s just so much fun riding along with these characters. Oh! And I also love that Ashtyn is a very strong and central female character who kicks a ton of ass in her own right. You go girl!

I eagerly await the follow up to this (though Goodreads says it will be out next March 🙁 Oh well, time to play the waiting game I guess)!

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  1. ccplteenunderground says: Reply

    A female football player?? That sounds great! I’m intrigued by that aspect alone. Thanks for the review!

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