Top 10 Tuesday #15

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April 16th: Top Ten Tuesday REWIND-Pick a past topic you missed or want to revisit!
The previous Top Ten Tuesday I picked was Top Ten Reasons why I love blogging
1. First, and most important, it’s fun! I love being able to share what I read with others and maybe influence others into reading a book.
2. It connects with me a bunch of people. I really like how by blogging I’ve discovered so many authors, and so many people have stopped by my blog to talk and share their blogs as well which helps me get to know them better.
3. Blogging helps me discover new genres in books. When I first started blogging I was stuck in one genre, Young Adult. Which, I know this has a lot of sub-genres but I was mainly reading contemporary romances, and now I’m reading more mystery, adult, dystopian, etc.
4. Blogging also really helps me stay on track with all the books I’ve purchased and keeps me on track for my reading goals!
5. Giveaways are always awesome! Enough said.
6. Same goes for memes like this
7. Blogging has really provided an outlet for my love of reading. I’m very shy about telling people that I like to read, and being able to anonymously talk about it on the Internet for anyone and everyone to hear, it’s liberating I guess.
8. The book community in general is really awesome and kind. I love how we all have the same passion, no matter which books we like.
Sorry that’s all I can think of right now! What did you do for your top ten tuesday? Leave a comment below and I’ll come and check it out!
See you soon!

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  1. I just recently started blogging and I am already loving it! It really gives me a chance to look at the books I have read in a different way. Plus I have already met some great people.

  2. ^ Same as the person above me 🙂 I just started a month ago and I did not realize just how ginormous the book blogging world was. I have learned about readers conventions and new books that I wouldn't have.

    Lovely review 🙂
    Jahzeiah @ Mermaed Books

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