Top Ten Tuesday #12

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March 19: Top Ten books I recommend the most
Like I’ve noticed on a lot of other people’s lists, I take a lot of consideration into recommending books to people (depending on their tastes, what they’ve read previously, etc.) But if it’s just a general question of “What do you like? What should I read?” or something along those lines than check out the list below:
1. The Perfect Chemistry series by Simone Elkeles
It’s definitely one of my favorite series, and has it all…romance, hot guys, oh la la!
2. The Night World series by L. J. Smith
Vampires, tons of romance and action!
3. The L.A. Candy series by Lauren Conrad
Really light and fluffy summer read, with back stabbing, movie stars, and HUGE personalities 
4. The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson
Great series with a strong female protagonist and lot’s of teamwork, and did I mention hot guys and angels?
5. Miss Match series by Erynn Mangum
Another strong female protagonist and the whole series is really sweet with slight Christian references (that aren’t overpowering enough that even non-religious folk like me can really enjoy the book!)
6. Really ANYTHING by Syrie James
Often their are historical twists, romance, awesome leading women, and just really sweet sweet stories perfect for winter
7. A variety of classics
I always encourage people to read classics (food for thought anyone?) because they’re usually REALLY good and have deeply emotional messages
8. The Last Survivors trilogy by Susan Beth Pfeffer
End of the world, dystopian, slightly scary and possible setting? Sign someone up for this series because it’s fantastic!
9. Anything by Rachel Hawthorne
More light and fluffy summer and winter reads with slightly predictable plots but you totally forget about that fact when you laugh along with the quirky guys and gals in these books
10. The Death by Bikini Mysteries by Linda Gerber
I must have summer on the brain with all the excellent weather we’re having here in SoCal, but this is seriously a great trio of books with action and adventure and mystery galore! 
What’s on your list? Leave a link below so I can come check it out!
See you soon!

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  1. I really enjoyed the Last Survivors trilogy as well. Some of these other series I will have to check out.

    My Top Ten

  2. I've heard that Perfect Chemistry is a great, steamy read and it is lingering pretty high on my TBR.

    I've read the first, like, 4 books of the Maximum Ride series. I enjoyed it a lot at first, but the plot began to get old.

    Either way, great list! <---When I was typing that I made a typo and put "lust" instead of "list" which would have been awkward if I hadn't caught it. I hope I didn't make that typo on any other comments, heh.

  3. I just picked up a used copy of Perfect Chemistry this weekend. A friend told me I have to read it. 🙂

    ~Sabrina@iheart y.a.fiction

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