I’m back!

Hey everyone!
Hopefully some of you are still here to read this…*crickets chirping* Well, it was a long shot.
Anyways hello all! I hope you’ve been having a great past few months and are getting ready for winter. I’ve been having a great first quarter in college and have been preparing for winter myself (it’s quite chilly here in Denver lately! Last night got down to 21 degrees!).
Starting November 19th I will be returning home for my winter break which will last until January 5th. During this time I will be reviewing books once again! Yay! However, I will still not be able to accept any review requests.
Unfortunately, I have not had much time to read in college, which is really sad. I’ve read I think 3 in the 3 months that I’ve been here. Truly depressing.
Anyways, get ready for lot’s of reviews coming your way!
Thanks all for sticking around!
See you soon!

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