Paige’s Postcard Exchange!

Welcome to The Paige-Turner’s Postcard Exchange! I, The Paige-Turner, am here to answer all of your burning questions so let’s get started!

Q: What is the Postcard Exchange?

A: The Postcard Exchange is a little project I have set up in order to get to know my followers and people from all over the world. I’ve always been interested in different places (and love getting mail!) so I thought this would be a great opportunity to send and receive some postcards from some awesome places!

Q: How do I join?

A: Your first step would be buying a postcard and postcard stamp (they are cheaper than regular envelope stamps and run about 30 or 40 cents). Next, write whatever you would like on it! Have a book recommendation? Send it along! Want to just brag about the awesome place you live in or are visiting? I’ll be glad to hear it! Next, just send the postcard to the address below:

2194 S. High St.

Appt 440B

Denver, CO 80210

and make sure to address it to Paige Murray. After sending your postcard make sure to drop me an email at telling me you sent one, and you can either ask that I send one in return and provide your own email, or jut tell me to be on the lookout for one! Also, make sure to add any information about blogs you run, Instagram’s, Twitter’s, Tumblr’s…etc (you’ll see why in a second).

Q: Okay…then what?

A: Then, once I receive the card I will make sure to post it up here on this page so that other people can see all the awesome places that the postcards are coming from. Then, with the information and links you have provided to me in your email, I’ll put them next to your card so people can come check out how awesome you are on the internet!

And that’s about it! If you would like a postcard in return (see above), I will ALWAYS send one out. I hope that we can establish a great following for this and most of all just have tons of fun along the way! So get writing guys and gals!

You can also access all of this information here!

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