Update Re: MIA

Hey everyone,

I have been gone for over a week because I just landed my first job (yay!!!) and will be super busy with that from 8am-5pm everyday. 
Not to mention I’m not living at home for this job, and my computer decided to act worse than usual. (Hopefully I’ll get a new one soon, and I’m writing this on my iPhone)
Anyways, I do need to post a couple things so be on the look out for a new book review, giveaway, and Top Ten Tuesday, plus a Stacking the Shelves is coming up.
Stay updated with me on Instagram and Twitter (see links in “About Me”) and you can see what I’m up to! 
Thanks everyone, and sorry again for the delays. I’m just now starting to figure out how to juggle work, home, and blog life. 
More soon!
See you soon,
Paige 🙂

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